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The design faults of modern cellphones

February 28, 2012

One of the design faults of the modern smartphones is that they are becoming too large. An issue with this is that the phones are becoming too large to fit in a jeans pocket, If you once again start shrinking screens of smartphones they will fit regular pockets again. Another is that the screens are becoming too large to reach everywhere with a finger this makes it more difficult to navigate. The third is that mechanical buttons are being replaced by capacitive touch buttons. It’s easy to press these by mistake since it’s not clear where they end. Mechanical buttons can be used while wearing regular gloves while touch buttons can’t.

The race to build ever lighter phones has led to smartphones becoming more fragile because there’s not enough plastic to absorb shocks. Many modern phones lacks d-pads or trackballs which makes it easier to navigate between lines when you edit text they also some times allow for more precise navigation on the screen than moving your finger around. It’s not possible to use capacitive screen while wearing gloves and therefore it’s especially important to add a d-pad or trackball which can be used while wearing gloves. So to sum it up a practical smart phones has a screen of maximum 4inches, a sturdy chassis which has enough plastics to absorb shocks, has mechanical buttons and a d-pad or trackball for navigation while wearing gloves.

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Intel 8080 and the way the 40pins limits it’s IO performance.

February 23, 2012

Another lesson on microprocessors and the intel8080 especially. The Intel 8080 has 40pins which enables it communicate with the outside world. The processors is 16bit bits internally but it only has enough pins on the databuss to fetch 8bits at a time. The processor is able to process 16bit instructions by fetching two 8bit memory positions after each other through use of a technology called multiplexing. The problem is that the multiplexing technology is slow so at best the intel 8080 is only a little bit faster than an 8bit processor of similar specifications. The only way of speeding up the Intel 8080 and making it able to load 16bits at a time from memory would be to give it more pins to communicate with the outside world.

A nice video on microprocessors

February 18, 2012

I found a nice video from Intel on how microprocessors are manufactured. The video describes the manufacturing process of a microprocessor in laymen terms.
Click this link to see the video.

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Comparing netbook chipsets AMD C50 and AMD C60

February 15, 2012

My netbook Acer Aspire One 522 has an AMD C60 chipset. There’s also a sibling to this chipset called AMD C50. The difference between these two chipsets are that the AMD C60 has a turbo function for the processor and the GPU which means that it can speed up when there’s a need for extra speed. The downside is that this turbo function makes the components hotter so you can only use the turbo for a limited amount of time. otherwise the chips will overheat. You can also check out this link for a more detailed comparison of the two chipset.

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Found a nice rugged smartphone which runs windows mobile 6.5.

February 11, 2012

I found a very interesting smartphone. It’s called MH132. The phone is constructed to resist water, dust, drops and schocks. The device holds a certifiction which garantuees that the device can withstand what the manufacturer states. It runs windows mobile 6.5 and has a large 2000mah battery.

It is an interesting fact that microprocessor of different architecture perform roughly the same.

February 8, 2012

I’ve read some more on how 8080 process JMP instructions. I’ve also read a comparsion on the architecture of motorola 6800, z80 and in8080. The 6800 has a few number of registers compared to z80 and intel8080 which have a similar number of registers. It is an interesting fact that these microprocessors have roughly the same performance but with different designs. You should also note that roughly the same speed is meant as an average and thah some of these might perfom better than the other hen it comes to certain operations.

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My thoughts on aspire one 522

February 3, 2012

I just bought a new net-book an Acer Aspire A522. I’m setting it up and installing applications right now. I like the fact fact that this net-book has an onboard dedicated graphics card with 256mb of non shared memory. I’m a bit disappointed with the announced battery time. When I with my 3G hauwei broad band adapter the battery time is roughly 4hrs in low power mode. On the site where I bought it the announced battery time was 6 hours. I made some calculations today and found that using the 3g modem reduced the battery time with roughly 30-35%.

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