Installing Ubuntu Linux 11.10 on Acer Aspire One 522

Installing Linux on this machine is a task not entirely without problems.Roughly one time out of three the installation software hangs, I have no idea why but one problem might be driver support. Once installed the Ubuntu runs reasonably well, but I’ve had some problems with the wlan adapter. Sometimes connections are dropped and sometimes you can’t connec to networks. The wlan problem seems too solved by running update for Ubuntu and let it update all of the drivers and other software.

The performance is not the best but it’s acceptable. Software loads a little bit slow and the multitasking is a bit slow if you have many applications running. When Ubuntu is installed it gives you the option if installing 3rd Party AMD drivers which are supposed to accelerate graphics processing. However once these drivers are installed you get a message saying that the hardware you have is unsupported and sometimes the computer hangs when you logon to the computer.

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