An interesting andriod based doro smartphone aimed at senior citizens

The phone is clamshell phone and it has both a touch screen and number pad with navigation  buttons. It runs a user interface especially adopted for senior citizens on top of andriod. Unfortunately users are not able to access andriod market but are limited to a special application market from Doro. Not being able to access andriod market kind of cripples the whole concept of an andriod phone because the numbers of apps users are able to install are very limited. Only apps approved by Doro to work on the phone can be installed. There is a web portal where you can change the settings of the phone in case a senior citizen needs help from a technically able person.

When I’ve worked with senior citizens I’ve noticed their need for products that are simple too use and meets their need for better ergonomics such as larger text and slower moving cursors. I think this product will be a hit among seniors.

Doro Phone Easy

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