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Today I attended an interesting seminar on how to teach children with autism.

May 17, 2012

The seminar featured a film. It was on a method the son-rise method can provide amazing results ..
The documentary depicted the fantastic progress of a child which came to a center where they used the training method called son-rise.
I must say that the results show in the film were quite amazing.

If I would attempt an analysis of the method from a pedagogical standpoint I would say that pedagogy is inspired by the sociocultural perspective where view things from a group perspective and how the surroundings of the individual effects the learning situation. It also feels like it draws inspiration from the pedagogy that studies the internal cognitive development of the individual such as Piaget. It also feels as the sonrise method places a lot of emphasis on seeing the possibilities of the individual rather than seeing the individual as just another child which has a disorder called autism. The staff in the movie sees the individual by learning to know each child that comes to the center and tailoring a training programme for that particular individual rather than using a standard programme which has the same structure for every child.

If you which to know more about this method you can check out:
The autism treatment center.

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