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How microprocessors handle interrupts:interrupt management

July 31, 2012

Intetrrupts are made asynchronously to the main code which is executed whereas polling is performed syncronously to the application being executed. The main advantage of interrupts are that they give a short reponse time if we assume that several interrupts are not made at the same time. In realtime systems which must respond to events very fast interrupts must be used to achieve a quick enoguh response.

The three disadvantages of interrupts are:

1. They require extra hardware, especially if interrupt management is to be done outside the processor.
2. Each time an interrupt is made, a time is needed to handle the interrupt. This ammount of time is called overhead.
3. The interrupt routine is exected aschynorously to the the main thread which means that it’s diffciult to know how much memeory that needs to be allocted for interrupt management.

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