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ShapeUp Club and BodyMonitor, two andriod apps to help you to stay fit!

March 25, 2012

I’ve found two android apps which help you stay fit. The first is called ShapeUp Club and the second is called Body Monitor.
Shape Up Club is a calorie counter which helps you keep track of how many calories you take in and consume everyday. The application has
a database of more than four hundred thousand food items, so you can find a lot of thing which you might eat in this database. You can enter
your intake and consumption of calories within the application. The consumption of calories is calculated by entering what type of workout you have done and for
how many minutes or hours you worked out. How many calories you consumed during that workout, It’s especially suitable for smartphones since you can find different kinds of food
by pointing and touching instead of entering data with the touch keyboard. It can also tack your weight, body fat and measurements. The application can
give you a summary of the number of calories you’ve consumed during the last 30 days. This summary contains an average amount of calories which you’ve consumed
during each week. The software can graph your measurements, your weight and body fat. The graphs are very informative and easy to read.

The startup screen of shapeub club

The startup screen of ShapeUp Club

Body monitor is an application to monitor your body fat, weights and measurements. One of the best features of this software is that it graphs your weight, body fat or measurements
during the last 30 days, You can check the graph to see if the trend i it’s going up or down. The software has a calendar view where you can enter
your weight, height, body fat and so on for each day. It let’s you track the fitness of several users so your entire family can use it! Graphs can be exported to
and SD card and weight and other fitness can also be exported to your SD card in a format that is readable by common spreadsheet applications such as Excel.*

Body Monitor Calender Screen

Body Monitor Calender Screen

Body Monitor Graph Screen

Body Monitor Graph Screen


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An interesting andriod based doro smartphone aimed at senior citizens

March 20, 2012

The phone is clamshell phone and it has both a touch screen and number pad with navigation  buttons. It runs a user interface especially adopted for senior citizens on top of andriod. Unfortunately users are not able to access andriod market but are limited to a special application market from Doro. Not being able to access andriod market kind of cripples the whole concept of an andriod phone because the numbers of apps users are able to install are very limited. Only apps approved by Doro to work on the phone can be installed. There is a web portal where you can change the settings of the phone in case a senior citizen needs help from a technically able person.

When I’ve worked with senior citizens I’ve noticed their need for products that are simple too use and meets their need for better ergonomics such as larger text and slower moving cursors. I think this product will be a hit among seniors.

Doro Phone Easy

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The design faults of modern cellphones

February 28, 2012

One of the design faults of the modern smartphones is that they are becoming too large. An issue with this is that the phones are becoming too large to fit in a jeans pocket, If you once again start shrinking screens of smartphones they will fit regular pockets again. Another is that the screens are becoming too large to reach everywhere with a finger this makes it more difficult to navigate. The third is that mechanical buttons are being replaced by capacitive touch buttons. It’s easy to press these by mistake since it’s not clear where they end. Mechanical buttons can be used while wearing regular gloves while touch buttons can’t.

The race to build ever lighter phones has led to smartphones becoming more fragile because there’s not enough plastic to absorb shocks. Many modern phones lacks d-pads or trackballs which makes it easier to navigate between lines when you edit text they also some times allow for more precise navigation on the screen than moving your finger around. It’s not possible to use capacitive screen while wearing gloves and therefore it’s especially important to add a d-pad or trackball which can be used while wearing gloves. So to sum it up a practical smart phones has a screen of maximum 4inches, a sturdy chassis which has enough plastics to absorb shocks, has mechanical buttons and a d-pad or trackball for navigation while wearing gloves.

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Found a nice rugged smartphone which runs windows mobile 6.5.

February 11, 2012

I found a very interesting smartphone. It’s called MH132. The phone is constructed to resist water, dust, drops and schocks. The device holds a certifiction which garantuees that the device can withstand what the manufacturer states. It runs windows mobile 6.5 and has a large 2000mah battery.

Using windows 7 laptop as wifi router

January 31, 2012

I just started using my dell laptop as a wifirouter by creating and adhoc network and then connecting the wired lan port to internet. When I created the adhoc network It just asked me if I wanted to enable internet connection sharing on the adhoc network. To surf the internet I just connect my cell phone to the adhoc network. This is a great way to create a wifi hotspot for your cellphone or tablet if you’re out traveling and don’t want to bring a wifi router apart from all your other stuff that you already lug around 🙂

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